5 Perfect Places to Get Married in Key West

With all the talk of Marriage Equality in the last few weeks, I couldn’t help but think of what a wonderful place Key West is for getting married, no matter who you are.

Here are 5 perfect ways to tie the knot, island-style.

5 – On the Water – After all, hanging out on an island is all about the beautiful ocean. There is a type of vessel available to fit anyone’s needs. Just be sure no one in your party gets seasick easily.

4 – In a Tropical Garden – From lush gardens to pocket parks, your choices are endless for a wedding in a tropical landscape. Key West Botanical Gardens, The Key West Garden Club at West Martello Tower, and Audubon House & Gardens are but three of a long list.

3 – In the Middle of History – Key West has a colorful history, making for some quite interesting spots for getting hitched. The Hemingway House and Truman’s Little White House are two popular choices.

2 – On the Beach - The aquamarine waves are the perfect backdrop to a ceremony with your toes in the sand. The beach at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park is especially popular at sunset, but you may have to pay a fee.

1 – At a Resort – Nothing’s more relaxing than the all-inclusive resort wedding. Have your ceremony, dine, and celebrate without the hassle of moving from spot to spot. Pearl’s Key West, with the fabulous Chef Toni, will host and cater your event with flair.

Talk to your concierge about all of the choices that would work for you. And see why getting married in America’s Caribbean is a perfect choice.

See you in paradise soon!



5 Best Spots for Enjoying the Key West Sunset

This weekend marks the end of daylight savings time, and we set our clocks back an hour once again. In Key West, this means heading out a bit earlier if you want to catch our famous sunset.

Key West Sunset from Fort ZacharyTo get the best view, I recommend one of these five locations.

5 – Mallory Square – Here, the sunset is celebrated daily, with local performers and artisans to entertain you and your family as the day comes to a close. The Catman and his trained cats are a must-see.

4 – Truman Waterfront – If a peaceful sunset experience is what you desire, head down to the end of Southard Street, where mostly locals (and oftentimes their four-legged friends) gather in small groups to quietly appreciate the orange and pink sky show.

3 – Top of La Concha – The tallest building in downtown Key West includes a rooftop bar where you can enjoy a drink and a great vantage-point of the sunset-filled island.

2 – Fort Zachary Taylor State Park – Watching the sunset is the perfect ending to a day at Fort Zachary beach. In fact, many couples choose this time and location for getting married in Key West. Just be aware that the park closes at sundown, so you must be packed up and ready to leave as soon as the show is over.

Key West Sunset from Sunset Cruise1 – Sunset Cruise – To get the most unobstructed view, take one of the many sunset cruises offered on the island. They head out a bit before sundown, and usually include drinks, snacks and festive music. Your Pearl’s concierge can help you choose and book one of these fun-filled cruises.

No matter where you choose to watch, remember that the Key West tradition is to applaud when the sun finally disappears beyond the horizon. Enjoy!

See you in paradise soon.



5 Terrific Ways to Travel Around Key West

If you’ve been to Key West before, you probably realized that a car is not the most useful transport for the island. Parking is limited, and free parking, if you can find it, usually means a bit of a hike to your intended destination. My advice is to turn in that rental car once you get here and take advantage of one of the following island-style ways of getting around.

5-Pedicab – Because many tend to be a bit over-priced, I recommend using a pedicab only once or twice during your visit. However, having a local pedal you around Old Town can have its advantages, including a leisurely view of the scenery and pointers on the can’t-miss hot-spots.

4-Scooter – Renting a scooter is an extremely popular choice. Many places rent them around town, and you can usually find a fairly-priced deal. Parking can be a mixed bag, but navigating the narrow streets of Key West is much easier than in a car. (And if you want to win favor with the locals, use the horn for traffic-related purposes only.)

3-Trolley – For a moderate price, you can take the trolley, getting on or off at various stops all day depending on what you want to see. The best part is the narrated history of the island as you travel around.

2-Walk – If you’re up for a little exercise, walking is a perfectly viable way to get around Old Town, especially along Duval Street, where shopping and dining options abound.

1-Bicycle – Hands down, the best way to cruise Key West is via bicycle. Bicycle parking is plentiful on the island, the speed limit on most roads is 20 MPH, and any bike you rent will have a basket for your beach essentials or island treasures. From beach cruisers to trikes to two-seaters, let the Pearl’s Crew help you find the right choice for you.

See you in paradise soon!



5 Must-Do’s for Key West Pride 2012

Key West Pride 2012 is here. You can choose from several days full of events, but here are 5 things you should definitely check out this year.

5 – Catch a Show – No matter what type of entertainment you like, Key West Pride is offering it. Leslie Jordan gives two performances of his Emmy-winning stand-up show Fruit Fly, Tropic Cinema hosts several documentary films throughout the festival, and new Pride royalty is crowned in the Mr., Miss, and Ms. Pride pageants. The choice is yours.

4 – Pride Ride – On Saturday morning, proud cyclists gather at White Street Pier to embark on a Pride Ride around Old Town. Now in it’s third year, Pride Ride is a refreshing way to start the day and show your (rainbow) colors.

3 – Pride Parade – Our colorful celebration of the Key West community, the Pride Parade closes our 2012 festival on Sunday evening. This is the perfect time to see all of the local businesses who dedicate time and resources to support our LGBT community, and we love them for it. Activist Erin Davies will be this year’s Grand Marshall in her Fagbug.

2 - Boogie Night @ Pearl’sPearl’s Friday night dance party is a Key West Pride tradition. This year we pay tribute to the disco greats, with local DJ Rude Girl spinning hits from the era, and professional drag queens Sushi and Desiray performing their best disco moves. Show up in your grooviest outfit; prizes will be awarded for best male, female, and couple costumes.

1 – Copa Redux Reunion Show – Continue your trip through the past Saturday night at the Copa Redux. If you ever visited the world-famous Copa from Key West of old, you know that this reunion show is a big deal. Original DJ’s and performers return to re-create one of the most memorable cabarets ever.

You can find more information on the Key West Pride web site.

See you in paradise soon,



5 Great Ways to Catch the Island Breeze

As we get closer to summer in Key West, the weather gets warmer, and swimming becomes a daily routine. One thing we can always count on with island life is the nice cool feeling of tropical breezes. Here are five great ways to enjoy some of that fresh air.

5 – Biking – Renting a bicycle is not only the best way to get around the island, but also a great way to get the wind through your hair.

4 – On a Boat – Being on the water is the best place to catch that ocean breeze, and Key West has tons of water excursions to offer, from fishing to snorkeling to jet skiing.

3 – Playing with Kites – Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast looking for some kite-surfing excitement, or a kid at heart longing to fly your favorite kite, Key West has the perfect spot for it. There’s even a specialty kite store to get you started.

2 – Parasailing – It’s tough to explain the cool feeling of parasailing, but the ocean breeze is all you hear once you’re in the air. With the priceless view, this is a must-do.

1 – In a Hammock at Ft. Zach – Sure, Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park has the beach, the historical fort, snorkeling, fishing and other water sports. Most beloved by the locals, however, are the pine trees that provide the perfect shady spots for lazing about in a hammock while listening to the waves roll in.

See you in paradise soon.